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We will be running the £5app meet on the 8th of July as a DemoCamp, 8pm-10pm then to a pub after for inspired conversation.

Sign-up on Upcoming as usual, please UnAttend if you can't make it. Note that it is a bring-your-own-booze event (unlike previous events - it has become too expensive to buy beer for everyone out of my own pocket now! (ian)).

Quoting from the BarCamp wiki about DemoCamp:

A DemoCamp is a lighter-weight style of un-conference. A DemoCamp last only a few hours on a weekday evening, as opposed to a traditional BarCamp which would usually be a multi-day event and take place on a weekend. As such, they are easier to organize and tend to happen more frequently.

Each demo will be 15/20 minutes (depending on how many demos there are) in length, with half the time allocated for the actual demo and the other half for questions from the audience.

You don't have to have a demo to come along and we expect to only have enough time for about six demos at most.

6 Talks

  • Google Maps + GPS + Python + Series 60 + giant pencil == live biking location demo, Tristan Roddis (Cogapp)
  • Google App Engine 'stuff', Simon Willison & Natalie Downe
  • Evolvable flight-paths for crash-resistant landing vectors at a major airport, Matt Sarjent
  • ' a cracking idea!', Aral Balkan and Dave Stone
  • 'Inuda's first public app... after two years of 'Innovating' alongside client work', Jon Markwell and Kev The Dev
  • Seb Lee-Delisle - 'Arduino - Beyond Blink' - Making cool stuff with LEDs (see:

We have 1 space remaining - if you want to demo then let us know (demo at five pound app dot com).

What kind of Demos?

  • Simple apps
  • Games
  • Neat hacks
  • Proof-of-concepts
  • Previews of new products
  • Pretty much anything interesting really


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