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At the meetup on 8th April 2008 Ian and John outlined an intention to alter the format/direction of the £5app meet. There was a certain amount of feedback and talk during the meet, but we clearly need to open out the discussion some more.

In general Ian and John would like to use the £5app as a way to help people to move their projects/£5apps forward and we want to steer the event towards that end. We have been considering making things more workshop based, but it appears that a lot of people like the existing "story-led" approach.

Items of interest mentioned at the meet included:

  • Selling online
  • Community
  • Marketing
  • System Administration (+1)
  • Amazon EC2 (+1)
  • Google App Engine (+1)
  • Pricing/Monetization
  • Building Teams
  • Mentoring
  • Branding + PR
  • Finding non-geek events to meet customers/users
  • SEO, copy-writing etc
  • Intellectual Property
  • Funding/Grants
  • Resource outside of Brighton
  • Social betterment
  • Case studies
  • Motivation (keeping it up)


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John - I've basically just entered what we wrote on the whiteboard here. Feel free to amend the list and raise any other points. You may also want to put votes next to things you are interested in seeing us cover. We'll probably use this as a basis for a real-world meeting of interested parties in the future.

Paul - I've added 'Motivation' to the list. I know I get affected by getting part way through a project and losing focus on it as client work comes up, and a few friends have been hit by the same thing so some advice on how to get back to work would be useful.

John - We could switch to running something like a DemoCamp alongside talks etc. Basically for those who have some code to show. Bit like a pitch and not as in depth as a regular talk.

John - We're going to go with the DemoCamp idea. The first one should be on the 8th of July.

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