Meetup: A Musical Christmas Special

Wed 2nd Dec 2009 at 8 p.m.
Hectors House, 52-54 Grand Parade, Brighton

This years Christmas special £5app will be held at Hector's House and has a music theme (much like the gaming theme of last year's Christmas special).

We've got quite a busy line-up, so we expect everything to run for a bit longer than usual:

Seb has the main talk:

Before Seb Lee-Delisle was peddling his digital creations, he had an entirely different life. He spent most of his 20s setting up Solar Records and promoting his band Stargirl (later Laine). Investing over £50,000 of their own money, they released their own CDs, made it onto the radio and TV, played in front of 30,000 people, recorded at George Martin’s Air Studios and had full page spreads in the nationals.

They were at the forefront internet music boom of the late 90s. The future was looking rosy for this group of dynamic 20-somethings. So come and find out what it was like, how the hell they got the £50K, and why their plans didn’t quite reach fruition…

Beer – several of us who are doing well this year will put up some bar-money (Alan of SensibleDevelopment and Ian's ProCasts so far, several more to come, get in contact if you want to share the love). We may also get mulled wine if we're lucky.

Food – maybe nibbles. Hopefully either cake or cookies too.

Next, please sign-up on Upcoming so we know how much beer to provide and tweet/post about the event to help us spread the word. Cheers!

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