Meetup: Bootcycle Demo Night

Tue 29th Sep 2009 at 8 p.m.
The Skiff, 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton

This month's £5 App gives you the first chance to see eight new Brighton startups demonstrate their applications.

The demos are all by teams in Bootcycle - a new peer support system for early stage startups, based in The Skiff (also the venue for the £5 App meet ups.) Each team has been building their apps over the summer and this meeting will be the first time most have been demonstrated to the public.

The demos include:

This is your chance to see eight new businesses being born, so we hope you'll join us in giving them a warm, £5 App welcome.

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Bootcycle Demo Night Photos

Fri 2nd Oct 2009

Last Tuesday's Bootcycle Demo Night went down very well. There were seven demos in total:

Check out photos of the event here and on flickr.