Meetup: Toy Maker - from Employee to Inventor

Tue 11th Aug 2009 at 8 p.m.
The Skiff, 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton

Tony Ellis will be speaking about moving from being an employee to an inventor, successfully licensing 45 electronic inventions. Tony spoke at an earlier RobotBrighton on his robots and toys, now he'll give the story about how he jumped from a career in electronics to running his own company, figuring everything out on his journey to licensing 45 toys and games to large distributors like Mattel and Radica.

Next Seb - Flash Guru and previous 5K App winner - will be talking about a new project called IWillPayYourParkingTicket he is working on with Jamie Matthews.

Finally Raul will give a talk short talk that:

... suggests that we need a new language that reflects the changes in society and technology - for if we don't, we will not be running accordingly with that speed of evolution, call it the digital age, web 2.0 or otherwise.

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Videos of Tony Ellis, Seb Lee-Delisle and Rosie Sherry

Thu 13th Aug 2009

£5app 11th August 2009

Ian has put the videos from Tuesday's £5app online. I've also uploaded a few of the photos I took, which can be seen under the machine tag for the event. As usual the photos are also tagged "£5app" so you can always see them that way. If anyone else has any photos they've taken at a £5app meet on Flickr I'd encourage them to tag them the same way - it makes it easy to find them. Plus we've got some code in place to put photos tagged "£5app" on the front page of the site (with some editorial oversight of course).

As we mentioned on Tuesday, Ian and I will be taking a break from the £5app for a bit. It's getting into conference season (so people are people) and I'm getting married in October (so I'm busy). We plan to return to regular scheduled meets in November or December. There has to be a xmas special after all!

In the meantime though the guys behind BootCycle will be running a £5app event on the 29th of September, to demo the eight projects involved. I'll make sure to post details of that up here later. It should hopefully be a good (and I imagine hectic) night.