Meetup: The 5K App Competition

Mon 20th Apr 2009 at 8 p.m.
The Skiff, 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton

We'll be holding the demoing and judging for the 5K App competition, as well as dishing out a prize of 5120p (£51.20) for the best entry.

The idea behind the competition is to see what you can create with 5Kb of "code and resources". The summary of the rules being:

Full rules are available on the wiki page or else ask a question on the google group if you want clarification on anything.

At the last meet we demoed several apps:

So please get coding and start seeing what you can achieve with just 5Kb!

four blog entries

Next meet for 5K App competition

Thu 5th Mar 2009

(reposted from google group)

I said on Tuesday that the next £5app meet would be in about a month for judging the 5K competition. So now we just need to figure out what the best date would be to avoid clashing with too many other events, so as many people are able to attend/enter as possible. Plus if anyone wants to suggest/volunteer a venue that'd be handy too ;^)

I'd in particular like to avoid clashing with FlashBrighton, so Tuesdays are ruled out. Wednesdays are obviously the Farm, so that leaves Mondays or Thursdays realistically (assuming Fridays are not a good evening for an event) - probably between the 6th-30th of April. Perhaps later in the month to allow for some more time?

I'm also still happy to change the rules to encourage a few more entries. I've already removed on constraint, that meant the app had to consist of a single file. Realistically having to base64 encode an image to embed it in a html file was probably asking a bit much...

Updated rules are here:

(feel free to comment on them)

4 day weekend = 5K coding opportunity

Thu 9th Apr 2009

Easter weekend is upon us and hopefully this means most people have a few days off work. So if you find yourself at a loss as to what to do, don't forget about the 5K App Competition. If you need a bit of inspiration check out these 4K games:

Or for those of you looking to do something a bit more serious you might find _why's 4K ruby webapp framework more inspirational.

Video from 5K App Competition

Fri 24th Apr 2009

Here's some video from the 5K App Competition:

It was originally streamed live on the night and there were a few issues getting things working, so it kicks in towards the end of my (John) demo's and mostly features Paul's demo.

I'll also soon be posting a proper summary of the night with links to all the entries.

The 5K App Results

Sat 25th Apr 2009

The 5K app competition went pretty well last Monday - thanks to everyone for coming along. In total there were twelve apps demoed.

Ian started proceedings with Brighton Job Doom - a twitter bot that posts summaries of listings from job boards. The idea being to track the effect of the recession (and hopeful rebound) on the job market in Brighton.

John then demoed the five 5k example apps (which weren't eligible for entry of course):

  • 5KTwit (Twitter client in Java)
  • 5KTODO (Javascript with local storage of TODO items)
  • 5KEdit (Python Writeroom style text editor)
  • 5KTuner (Guitar Tuner)
  • 5KMorse (Morse code using capslock LED)

Paul was next up with three apps:

You can in fact see Paul demoing his apps on this video on ustream.

There then following a beer and cake break, during which Thomas held a hands-on demonstration of his hand-lathed drawing tops (spinning tops with pens in them to create interesting patterns):

5K App Competition at £5app 20th April 2009 5K App Competition at £5app 20th April 2009

After the break Armandas talked about the Electronic Junk Box Organiser he wrote. Unfortunately though we couldn't run it, as shamefully (for a Pythonista) I didn't have Python 3 installed on the demo laptop (doh!).

Dougie was next up with Where Are You a neat little mobile app that let you easily let your friends know where you are via GPS and SMS. Again though, demoing was foiled, but this time due to the subterranean location of the meet messing with GPS. However Dougie was prepared for such an eventuality with a movie of the app in action.

Finally Seb demoed his 3D Lunar Lander, complete with full history of how he took his original 2D moon lander clone and reduced it to 5K whilst also making it 3D.

Judging was decided via the highly scientific "volume of applause" method (as used in all good competitions) and Seb was declared the winner. Here's the Lunar Lander in action:

Lunar Lander 3D from Plug-in Media on Vimeo.