Meetup: Jeremy Keith's Huffduffer and the 5K App

Tue 3rd Mar 2009 at 8 p.m.
13 Brunswick Square, Hove

Jeremy Keith will be talking about why and how he built Huffduffer - a tool for collecting various audio files together to create your own personal podcast:

The term Huff-Duff derives from the abbreviation HF/DF. It refers to a technique, widely employed during World War II, to triangulate the position of radio transmissions. I thought that was a suitable term to revive for the practice of finding interesting MP3 files on the web.

After Jeremy, will be demos for the 5K App. For those that do not already know the 5K App is a competition to create applications that use less than 5K (5120 bytes) of code and resources. For more details and links to some example apps, check out the wiki page.

Everyone is welcome to enter and there will be a prize of 5120p. Judging has been postponed till a later event, to allow for more entries.

If you have any question please head over to the £5 app google group.

Update: In addition to Jeremy and 5K app demos we'll also have Jon Markwell talking about Twitter and SocialPlume.

two blog entries

The 5K App and comments

Tue 17th Feb 2009

It's only two weeks till the next £5app, so if anyone has an idea for a 5K App now is the time to get started! So far there has been a fair bit of interest, but we haven't yet had any actual entries. Obviously everyone is just hoping to have as long as they can to perfect their apps, right?

In case we need to postpone the 5K app it'd be good to know if there are a few people who've made some progress, but just haven't finished their apps yet. Or even just people who intend to write something, but haven't yet started.

So if you are planning on entering please either mail the google group, mail us directly (demo AT five pound app DOT com) or else leave a comment with the handy new comment form below.

The new comment system is courtesy of Django's comment app and was pretty easy to set up. You can currently leave comments on blog posts and wiki pages. It's not too fancy, but does add a good feedback mechanism for the site.

5K App Judging Postponed

Tue 24th Feb 2009

Just a quick note to say that judging for the 5K app has been postponed. The meet on the 3rd of March will still go ahead and there will be demos and discussion for the 5K app, but judging will take place at a later event. This is to allow more people to enter, as there appear to be a lot of people who are not about this Tueday who would otherwise like to enter.

We intend to run another £5 app meet roughly a month later (in April) for judging the 5K app.