Meetup: DemoCamp

Tue 8th Jul 2008 at 8 p.m.
13 Brunswick Square, Hove

After a bit of thought we've decided that this £5app meet will be a DemoCamp.

One of the reasons that we wanted to run the £5app was so that we might encourage people to simply get doing things. A DemoCamp seems like a really good way to foster this. It lets people show off what they've been working on and as each demo isn't too long it's less nerve-wracking.

If this works well, we'll most likely alternate DemoCamps with regular talks. If you don't get to demo this time around you'll get another chance later.

For more details see the wiki page for this meetup.

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Videos from the DemoCamp

Thu 28th Aug 2008

Thanks to Rosie for recording these videos of the demo camp last month:

The next £5app should be towards the end of September and will be another DemoCamp. We're just finalising the details and will be announcing more soon.