Meetup: Madgex - The idea, name, table football, money, cake and the culture

Tue 8th Apr 2008 at 8 p.m.
13 Brunswick Square, Hove

Glenn Jones one of the founders of Madgex will give a history of setting-up the company:

From coding all hours in a kitchen to building a multi-million pound specialist digital business. The talk will cover the most frequently asked questions and some of the harder lessons learnt along the way.

After a break for some cake we also have some folks from Clearleft talking about a £5app they've been working on...

This will most likely be the last in our run of "story-led" £5app meets. Ian and I are keen to discuss with everyone exactly what the future format will be. We're thinking of it more of a venue for getting people together to help each other with projects they're working on. Basically we want to see more £5apps nurtured into life.

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Last night was recorded

Wed 9th Apr 2008

For anyone who couldn't make it to last nights £5app you can check out Ribot's videos on qik:

Might also be interesting for those of you who did attend. Always strange seeing yourself recorded.