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Next meet for 5K App competition

Thu 5th Mar 2009 (The 5K App Competition)

(reposted from google group)

I said on Tuesday that the next £5app meet would be in about a month for judging the 5K competition. So now we just need to figure out what the best date would be to avoid clashing with too many other events, so as many people are able to attend/enter as possible. Plus if anyone wants to suggest/volunteer a venue that'd be handy too ;^)

I'd in particular like to avoid clashing with FlashBrighton, so Tuesdays are ruled out. Wednesdays are obviously the Farm, so that leaves Mondays or Thursdays realistically (assuming Fridays are not a good evening for an event) - probably between the 6th-30th of April. Perhaps later in the month to allow for some more time?

I'm also still happy to change the rules to encourage a few more entries. I've already removed on constraint, that meant the app had to consist of a single file. Realistically having to base64 encode an image to embed it in a html file was probably asking a bit much...

Updated rules are here:

(feel free to comment on them)

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