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The 5K App and comments

Tue 17th Feb 2009 (Jeremy Keith's Huffduffer and the 5K App)

It's only two weeks till the next £5app, so if anyone has an idea for a 5K App now is the time to get started! So far there has been a fair bit of interest, but we haven't yet had any actual entries. Obviously everyone is just hoping to have as long as they can to perfect their apps, right?

In case we need to postpone the 5K app it'd be good to know if there are a few people who've made some progress, but just haven't finished their apps yet. Or even just people who intend to write something, but haven't yet started.

So if you are planning on entering please either mail the google group, mail us directly (demo AT five pound app DOT com) or else leave a comment with the handy new comment form below.

The new comment system is courtesy of Django's comment app and was pretty easy to set up. You can currently leave comments on blog posts and wiki pages. It's not too fancy, but does add a good feedback mechanism for the site.

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Tue 17th Feb 2009

Don't forget there's a whole bunch of ideas on the wiki page if you're in need of inspiration.

p.s. comments accept markdown syntax.

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