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5K App - Start your engines

Tue 6th Jan 2009

Over the holidays I've been writing some example 5K Apps:

Hopefully these will show the kind of things that are possible with 5Kb of code. You should find some short screencasts demoing each app as well as the source and build files for each one.

I reckon each one only took a few lazy evenings to write, so with some real effort much more could be probably be done. The size limit however does make it quite a manageable task.

The three apps cover Java, Javascript and Python, which helped to work out what was possible/feasible. So now I'm fairly confident that it should be possible write a 5K app in most languages. I've also updated the rules accordingly to allow for "scripting languages" like Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP. If anyone has any issues or questions either mail me (demo AT fivepoundapp DOT com) or else get onto the £5app google group and get some discussion going.

Chatting with Ian, the 5K competition deadline will most likely be in March. We'll finalise the date later, but consider this a cue to start your engines!

I'll also try and hold a mini hack night (probably at the geek cafe) before the deadline to answer questions and help people out with their 5K apps.

Stay tuned for more details on the deadline and the hack night.

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