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Last night was recorded

Wed 9th Apr 2008 (Madgex - The idea, name, table football, money, cake and the culture)

For anyone who couldn't make it to last nights £5app you can check out Ribot's videos on qik:

Might also be interesting for those of you who did attend. Always strange seeing yourself recorded.

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And now we have a wiki

Tue 15th Apr 2008

After about 6 hours of noodling we now have a wiki for the £5app site. It's custom written using Django, which made writing it a doddle.

For now it's fairly basic and is mainly intended as a venue to discuss the FutureOfFivePoundApp. I'll expand it's feature set in the future if needed, but it should serve as a good way to get feedback and suggestions.

So if you want to contribute to the future of the £5app meet get editing!

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