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(Delicious) Monster Marketing

Mon 11th Feb 2008

Whilst packing and baking ginger cake for Tuesdays £5app I managed to watch the following video:

Quite an interesting one to watch - if you are intending to create Mac software. Wil Shipley talks about lots of the in and outs of building "hype" for your software. He stresses that you do have to meet the hype by making good software that works, but that marketing and generally raising awareness is very key.

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No Meetup in March

Thu 28th Feb 2008

Sorry to announce, that we won't be holding a £5app Meet in March. We've been a bit too busy' and didn't really get a speaker organised in time. We've got a few things lined up for April (the 8th most likely).

However given BarCamp is in March I'm sure that'll be enough DIY geekery for most people anyway.

' Ian in particular has kicked off his subscriber service for ShowMeDo. I've just been moving house...

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