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not quite art

Sun 2nd Dec 2007

Here at the £5 app we like a bit of art. So it was quite interesting to watch ABC's not quite art. It's obviously not got much to do with software development, but it has plenty to do with people getting out there, creating and doing their own thing. It makes for interesting viewing and highlights how much difference it makes when economic factors don't get in the way.

For the geek factor though, Episode 3 does contain a "digital art bar" ( Horse Bazaar ) that has a wrap around video screen for walls and a rear projection urinal!

All of the episodes are available for download, so make sure you check it out.

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a special christmas special

Thu 6th Dec 2007 (The Christmas Special)

Well the Christmas special seemed to go down very well, which was a big relief. That marks nine events that Ian and I have run now and it was excellent to finish the year on such a high note. There will probably be a couple of months until the next event to let us recuperate, so it's was really good to have such a good turnout for Tuesday's event.

There's a few photos and a one review (from Mark Kirby) already. Hopefully we'll have a few more of both soon.

So thanks for to everyone for turning up and contributing to the lively conversation and thanks to Annesley, Neil and Martin for being such engaging speakers.

p.s. next time you think about joining a start-up check out the CEO shoes - apparently if they look this you are in trouble:


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Project Brighton

Mon 10th Dec 2007 (The Christmas Special)

Ian has got a nice write-up of the £5 App Xmas Special on the new Project Brighton site.

Project brighton is:

A series of projects and initiatives to support digital Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Let's hope it catches on and Brighton can continue to be a great place to be a geek in!

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