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...I can code that up in a weekend

Fri 14th Sep 2007

Ian just blogged about the next £5app and recounted why it's called £5app. I thought I'd best get it summarised on here too.

It all stems from the 5 buck idea, thus:

…You want something simple, almost to the point of ridiculousness, and heck, worth probably about five dollars. Extra points if someone under 20 scoffs and says,
'Shit man, I can code that up in a weekend.'

As our front page says it's all about:

lightweight software created by one or two people who take a simple idea and run with it

In short an idea on it's own is nothing - you need to get out there and start making it a reality. The simpler the idea the better (up to a point), as it will be easier to implement. You can always add more to it as you go (although of course YAGNI).

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