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Thu 13th Sep 2007 ($30 apps - living the life of a mac indie)

Tuesday was the 6th £5app meet. Martin ( talked about his experiences developing Mac shareware. He talked about some of the early software he wrote, including MySync (which was bought outright by Mark Space). Then he went on to discuss the new application in development, currently called "Iris", which is "photo booth on steroids".

Probably fairly fittingly (given it was dConstruct only a few days ago) Martin was keen to emphasise that adding polish and really considering the user experience was particularly important for mac developers to consider.

After a break for ginger cake and beer (provided by Sensible Development), there were a few announcements:

Then to close things off Neil talked about the painting of Tycho Brahe (the astronomer, not the one from Penny Arcade) he had brought along, after recently finishing it. Anyone who lost his nose in a duel over "who was the better mathematician" is definitely worth talking about...

Tycho Brahe
image on flickr

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming along. The next meetup will be on the 9th of October. You can sign up on upcoming. More details will be posted soon.

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